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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lasarte Restaurant Barcelona

If you ever find yourself in Barcelona looking for a very special restaurant or wanting a night you'll never forget, look no further than Lasarte. This two star Michelin restaurant customizes a tasting menu based on your preferences, and provides your own printed menu to take home and remember your evening forever. While the tasting menu comes with a hefty price tag of €165 a person, it is well worth it for an incredible culinary experience. Believe me, I still salivate thinking of our ten course meal, and it's been over a year since that magical night. From foie gras to truffles and seafood, each delicate plate comes out looking like a work of art, and bursts with unimaginably fantastic flavors! 

Pardon the iPhone photos, but I had to share some of the most beautiful plates from the evening.

Prettiest salad I've ever eaten

Foie gras


Home yolk with truffle

French toast with coffee creme