JetSet Coco

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dylan's Candy Bar

There's no place closer to heaven for a sweet tooth like myself than Dylan's Candy Bar. This whimsical candy shop is more of a Charlie and the Chocolate fantasy than a store. Colorful candy installations climb from the floor to ceiling in this vibrant candy mecca. With every type of candy imaginable available for purchase, this is the perfect place to scout out your favorite candy from the past that you just can't find anywhere, or to salivate over cases of unique sugar confections. The upstairs has transformed into a dream-like ice cream parlor that whips up the most incredible milkshakes I have ever had! A trip to Dylan's ignites the nostalgia of being a kid in a candy store, eager to get your hands on everything in sight!

Irving Place

For years I have been obsessed with a tiny little street in Gramercy called Irving Place. This tree-lined charmer is covered with incredible brick brownstone apartments leading to the private gated Gramercy Park. I've been dying to get my hands on one of the coveted keys to enter, but no such luck! Another gem on this quaint street that is more accessible than the park is my favorite cafe 71 Irving Place. Its exposed brick walls and fireplace make this cozy and inviting cafe the perfect haven to escape a brisk fall day. With a vast array of fresh baked goods, quiches, and home brewed coffee from the Irving Farm, there is something delicious to please everyone. My personal favorites are the mushroom and gruyere cheese quiche and the almond croissant paired with a soothing latte. I just can't get enough of this charming cafe and could spend hours just relaxing and enjoying the laid back ambiance of 71 Irving Place.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Flea Market Frenzy

One thing that always makes my weekends complete is a trip to the Antiques Garage and the outdoor Chelsea flea market, both located on 25th street within a two block proximity.This antique mile is any vintage enthusiast's dream! The mission of rooting through trash to score treasure is exhilarating, and all the unique pieces are truly inspiring to me as a designer. Nothing makes me happier than routinely waking up every Saturday or Sunday and heading off to the flea markets with high hopes of finding my next treasure, be it jewelry, clothing, or household knick knacks. Recently, my focus has been hoarding all the antique turquoise medicine bottles from the 1860's that I could get my hands on for the wedding! Now that I've completed that task, I'm free to aimlessly peruse for my own pleasure again and purchasing whatever catches my eye. Yesterday, my lucky find was a little 14k gold airplane charm with a spinning propeller, which makes the perfect addition to my travel inspired gold charm necklace. Very JetSet Coco!

Union Square Greenmarket

I'll begin my list of NYC favorites with the one thing I have been most loyal to visiting in NYC. I may have flaked out on going to church, or working out regularly over the years, but my weekly trips to the Union Square farmer's market are like clockwork. At least two days a week- rain, shine, or even snow, I find refuge in this little piece of the country right smack dab in the middle of NYC. It may have been my obsession with apples that initially drew me to this farmer's market, with its plethora of orchard vendors serving every genre of apple imaginable, apple cider, and apple doughnuts. It didn't take me long to discover all the other joys the farmer's market has to offer such as local wine tasting, freshly cut flowers, and the cheddar scallion scones I've grown to crave. This past Saturday when I went for a stroll through the market, I was blown away at the vibrant fall hues reflected in the fresh produce on display. Of course I couldn't get by without a glass of my favorite apple cider. Miami's farmer's markets are up for some serious NY competition...Enjoy!

NYC Nostalgia

It is with bittier sweet emotions that I am beginning to watch my incredible New York City adventure come to an end. After hearing about Steve's opportunity to move to Miami for a job at Celebrity Cruise, I was initially overwhelmed with excitement. As a California girl, the thought of returning to the laid back, beachy lifestyle I once had seems right. However,it has been more difficult than I could have imagined telling all my close friends about the move, quitting my job at Oshkosh, and gulp... packing! Nothing can replace these incredible five years I have spent in the city that never sleeps. As I prepare to end this chapter in my life, I have decided to write a series of my favorite New York spots, memories, and photos. I hope this will help me cope with the challenge of moving on from some of the most exciting, crazy years of my life. Here it goes!