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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Setting Up Shop

JetSet Coco [Never] Sweat[s]-shop

Much to my excitement, JetSet Coco's newest chain strap purse will be exhibited on April 8th at the Rock The Runway spring fashion show hosted by the Junior Women's League in Dallas! I decided to truly set up shop and make a little JetSet Coco haven of my workspace to get motivated and continue creating great purses. Check out my website ... just the home page as of now, but it's getting there slowly but surely!

My new labels

Dust bag included in any JetSet Coco purse purchase

JetSet Coco's Newest Purse Release!!!

While I love the design of my circle purse, I decided to spice it up by adding another style to the JetSet Coco family. Check out the new "It" bag!

Purse style #2
Hand embellished with feathers and crystals

Silk lining inside purse

Close Up

Playful lining and pocket in purse interior

Lady Gaga at Radio City

Check out the resemblance of my JetSet Coco purse and the purse Lady Gaga uses during her set for the song "Beautiful Dirty Rich"! Take after Lady Gaga and get your JetSet Coco circular purse today!!!

Circle leather purse designed by JetSet Coco

Lady Gaga never fails to amaze when it comes to her catchy tunes and eccentric fashion sense. It's no surprise that her Fame Monster concert tour at Radio City Music Hall exceeded my expectations as well. Between eight costume changes of scantily clad fashion statements and her excellent execution of each song, I truly was impressed with her ability to put on a knock out show. As if this wasn't enough to blow the audience away, Gaga exhibited her musical talents by playing piano during the song Speechless, and even added philanthropic ideals throughout the show. As expected, the audience flashily adorned themselves in their best interpretation of Lady Gaga's wild getups, which added to the entertainment for the night. This show was absolutely worth the frustration of fighting for the tickets that sold out in the first ten minutes. Way to go Gaga. "You've left me speechless, so speechless..."

Paparazzi Performance


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beachy Blues

Pelican on the Santa Monica Pier

I've only been back in NYC less than one day from my ten day hiatus in San Diego, but I'm already lamenting the loss of my ocean view, the murmur of ocean waves, and the serenity of daily walks on the beach. The painfully strong wind of New York leaves me longing for the calming ocean breeze, and the grey snowy sky is no substitute for the ever sunny, blue skies and mild San Diego weather. Being back in NYC is a slap in the face reality check of how good I had it in California. I was so spoiled with the beach every day, from hikes in Torrey Pines to strolls on the beach below my house to beach cruising in Venice, that now living without the beach seems unreal. Hopefully these beach photos I took will help me get through the next couple miserably cold months on the East Coast.

Beach stairs below my house

Views on Torrey Pines hike

Beach cruising through Venice beach

Dreaming of a Beach Cottage Christmas

With my parents still living in their beach home conveniently located across the street from the beautiful beach in Carlsbad, I am fortunate to have a refuge from the unbearably frigid east coast winters each Christmas. While the decor is continually changing in my home, I was pleasantly surprised to see the quirky decorations my mom displayed this year. Ditching the traditional reds and greens of Christmas, my crafty mom chose a neutral seashell palette accented in hot pinks, aqua, and blues to create the perfect beach cottage shabby chic appeal. I must have gotten my style sense from her!

Our tree, mainly adorned with seashell ornaments

Home made floral arrangements

Home made shell wreath

Original painting by the talented Diane O'Connell

Oshkosh Takes On Atlanta

In a time of penny pinching and despair, my beloved company Oshkosh B'Gosh held nothing back when they flew all of our employees to Atlanta, Georgia for an unforgettable holiday party to cap off 2009. The trip consisted of a tour of Atlanta, an incredible cocktail party at Atlanta's famous aquarium, a night stay at the fabulous Four Seasons Resort Atlanta, and a luncheon of to die for southern comfort food at a posh rooftop venue overlooking the city. The holiday party at the aquarium was amazing, with a martini bar, Wolfgang Puck catered dinner and raw bar, and behind scenes tours of the exhibits at the aquarium to keep us occupied. To say the least, I was stunned by Oshkosh's southern hospitality in Atlanta.

Mouthwatering dessert display at the luncheon

Hot cocoa bar

View of Atlanta from the rooftop

Holiday party at the Aquarium

Shark encounter

Stingrays at the Aquarium

Behind the scenes tour of the whale shark exhibit

Four Seasons Atlanta Bar

Floral arrangements in the hotel

Hotel Lobby

My spacious suite

Chaise lounge in my room

Stunning chandeliers throughout the hotel