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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lady Gaga at Radio City

Check out the resemblance of my JetSet Coco purse and the purse Lady Gaga uses during her set for the song "Beautiful Dirty Rich"! Take after Lady Gaga and get your JetSet Coco circular purse today!!!

Circle leather purse designed by JetSet Coco

Lady Gaga never fails to amaze when it comes to her catchy tunes and eccentric fashion sense. It's no surprise that her Fame Monster concert tour at Radio City Music Hall exceeded my expectations as well. Between eight costume changes of scantily clad fashion statements and her excellent execution of each song, I truly was impressed with her ability to put on a knock out show. As if this wasn't enough to blow the audience away, Gaga exhibited her musical talents by playing piano during the song Speechless, and even added philanthropic ideals throughout the show. As expected, the audience flashily adorned themselves in their best interpretation of Lady Gaga's wild getups, which added to the entertainment for the night. This show was absolutely worth the frustration of fighting for the tickets that sold out in the first ten minutes. Way to go Gaga. "You've left me speechless, so speechless..."

Paparazzi Performance


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