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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beachy Blues

Pelican on the Santa Monica Pier

I've only been back in NYC less than one day from my ten day hiatus in San Diego, but I'm already lamenting the loss of my ocean view, the murmur of ocean waves, and the serenity of daily walks on the beach. The painfully strong wind of New York leaves me longing for the calming ocean breeze, and the grey snowy sky is no substitute for the ever sunny, blue skies and mild San Diego weather. Being back in NYC is a slap in the face reality check of how good I had it in California. I was so spoiled with the beach every day, from hikes in Torrey Pines to strolls on the beach below my house to beach cruising in Venice, that now living without the beach seems unreal. Hopefully these beach photos I took will help me get through the next couple miserably cold months on the East Coast.

Beach stairs below my house

Views on Torrey Pines hike

Beach cruising through Venice beach

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