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Monday, October 25, 2010

Union Square Greenmarket

I'll begin my list of NYC favorites with the one thing I have been most loyal to visiting in NYC. I may have flaked out on going to church, or working out regularly over the years, but my weekly trips to the Union Square farmer's market are like clockwork. At least two days a week- rain, shine, or even snow, I find refuge in this little piece of the country right smack dab in the middle of NYC. It may have been my obsession with apples that initially drew me to this farmer's market, with its plethora of orchard vendors serving every genre of apple imaginable, apple cider, and apple doughnuts. It didn't take me long to discover all the other joys the farmer's market has to offer such as local wine tasting, freshly cut flowers, and the cheddar scallion scones I've grown to crave. This past Saturday when I went for a stroll through the market, I was blown away at the vibrant fall hues reflected in the fresh produce on display. Of course I couldn't get by without a glass of my favorite apple cider. Miami's farmer's markets are up for some serious NY competition...Enjoy!

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