JetSet Coco

Monday, October 25, 2010

NYC Nostalgia

It is with bittier sweet emotions that I am beginning to watch my incredible New York City adventure come to an end. After hearing about Steve's opportunity to move to Miami for a job at Celebrity Cruise, I was initially overwhelmed with excitement. As a California girl, the thought of returning to the laid back, beachy lifestyle I once had seems right. However,it has been more difficult than I could have imagined telling all my close friends about the move, quitting my job at Oshkosh, and gulp... packing! Nothing can replace these incredible five years I have spent in the city that never sleeps. As I prepare to end this chapter in my life, I have decided to write a series of my favorite New York spots, memories, and photos. I hope this will help me cope with the challenge of moving on from some of the most exciting, crazy years of my life. Here it goes!


  1. I am so exctied for you woman!
    Sad to see you leave, especially when i just got here and have been lame and buried in my books...but MIAMI!

  2. Thanks Nubia!!! Now you have a place to visit in Miami :)