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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Love With the Everglades

I don't know why it took me four months since moving to Miami to check out the Everglades, but it was absolutely worth the trip! I am officially obsessed with the swampy, hick-ish environment just forty minutes west of my home (there were several overall and plaid sightings and crowds shotgunning beers in the parking lot). It's like a different world out there. While there are several parks to visit within the everglades, we chose to visit Sawgrass Recreational Park. Before we even boarded our airboat, I spotted an alligator in the wild. The 30 minute airboat ride was an absolute blast. You speed through the water so fast it's as if you're on a roller coaster, just gliding above the water. The tour is both educational and fascinating, and we spotted another alligator hiding in the grass along with plenty of other birds and wildlife. After the thrilling boat ride, we headed over to the exotic wildlife exhibit, which showcases live alligators, giant tortoises, a leopard, cheetah, and a plethora of other reptiles. I was lucky enough to hold a baby alligator! This was an incredibly fun and exciting way to experience a different side of Miami, and I would highly recommend making the short drive to the Everglades.

Do you see the alligator hiding in the water?

Alligator hidden amongst the grass

Front row on the airboat ride

Our boat driver

Up close and personal with the gators

Alligator show at the wildlife exhibit

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