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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Les Baux

After a morning of shopping in Aix-en-Provence, we took a scenic drive to the medieval town of Les Baux. This town which hosts a church, castle, and provincial shops is made entirely of stone. It's stunning and unlike anything I've ever seen. Les Baux rests upon the top of a steep hill, once you finally drive to the top, the views of the countryside are astounding. It's amazing to me that a small town from the 16th century can be perfectly preserved over the years, and still maintain its original charm and craftsmanship in the little shops and restaurants. Now if only there could be a rule about how many monstrous bus tours get dumped here a day, the town would be even more quaint and authentic.

View of Les Baux from below

Les Baux's original chapel


Local crafts shops

Cobble stone narrow streets

Restaurant with amazing views

Stunning views from Les Baux

Soap shop boasting more scents than I've ever seen

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