JetSet Coco

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Lucky Magazine Shoot

After the shoot with the wardrobe stylist

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of having Lucky Magazine come to my apartment to shoot me in my home for their May 2011 issue. It was such an amazing experience to see a complete transformation of my home by their prop stylists and photographic team. Days before the shoot, I had tons of boxes of designer samples arrive, and I waited with anticipation to open them up to find some spectacular home accent pieces, bedding, and art. To make the day even more fun, Lucky sent their hair and makeup team, as well as a fabulous duo of wardrobe stylists with trunks full of designer clothes and shoes for me to wear in the shoot. It was a thrilling and exhausting day, and I can't wait to see which shot they include in the magazine. Check out the Lucky Magazine May 2011 issue to view my story!!

Boxes of designer samples

Shoes! Oh my God, shoes!

Check out all these fabulous wardrobe options!

My hair and makeup station in the kitchen

Artistic direction #1- I can share this photo because the room ends up looking completely different and rearranged for the magazine shot... you'll be surprised!


  1. I LOVE your hair in the top picture, it looks so cute. I can't wait to see the article!!

  2. JEALOUS.... I want to come visit and I cant wait to see!