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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Casa Alta

This family trip, we opted to stay in a more personalized setting than a hotel. We chose to spend a week in a cute Portuguese villa turned bed and breakfast called Casa Alta in the quaint village of Ourem. It was the perfect accommodation for my family because there were five of us traveling, and 3 bedrooms to rent. The moment we arrived, I was left speechless at the ornate French decor and furniture, beautiful artwork, and most importantly, since we stayed over Christmas holiday- the Christmas decorations! What made this accommodation particularly special is the incredible staff. Run by a charming and quirky American expat priest, there is never a dull moment at Casa Alta. And forget any qualms you may have about residing in the same house as a priest- he's actually a previous socialite from San Francisco, and he's up for happy hour and a good time as much as any of us! Upon request, you can have a delicious three course dinner with wine prepared for you by Valentina, the woman who looks after the home. The consideration and attention to details in accommodating my family was incredible and made for a truly unique, unforgettable and pleasant stay at Casa Alta. I would absolutely recommend to anyone planning a visit to Portugal to stay at Casa Alta.

My cozy bedroom

View from my room

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Views from the backyard... there's also a pool!

Living room, always with a nice fire in the winter

Dinner table

Father and Valentina at Christmas Dinner

Performing our private Christmas day mass in small chapel at Casa Alta

Front view of Casa Alta

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