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Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Bizarre

'Tis the season to see the bizarre in Miami. With Art Basel in full swing and artists running ramped in Miami, there are many instillations and interesting sights to see all around the city. The infamous pink snails on Ocean Drive in South beach caught my eye first. These out of this world sized snails are slowly invading Miami with a posse of 45 snails from Italy's Galleria Ca' D'oro. Later that day, a Hummer carriage drawn by two horses paraded past me! I don't know whose genius idea this was, but it cracks me up to think that something as barbaric as a Hummer could be transformed into a modern day carriage. A crochet covered car, street tags by artists including Shepard Fairey, and art instillations in Wynwood were other points of interest this weekend. Check out these odd pieces of art!

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