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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Seeing Is Believing!

Nine Camels

After the whirlwind weekend of art exhibit hopping, I thought I had seen every type of art. That is until I saw British artist Willard Wigan's awe inspiring microscopic sculptures that rest in the eye of a needle. Viewed only with a high power microscope, these intricate pieces of art are truly amazing and awe inspiring. Wigan sculpts subjects ranging from Disney characters to celebrities such as Oprah, Obama and family, John Legend, to architecture, all too minuscule to view with the human eye. Unlike a conventional artist, Wigan uses a variety of interesting materials to create his micro sculptures, such as spiderwebs and the hair off a fly's back as a paintbrush to accomplish his acute details on each subject. It's miraculous to see such a seemingly impossible idea accomplished. Looking into one of the microscopes is like viewing a fantasy world that Dr. Seuss created, only it's real! Wigan's work is breathtaking and incredible!

Beauty and the Beast


Statue of Liberty

Obama family

Little Miss Muffet

Due to the size of this art, I have borrowed photos from the Willard Wigan website gallery


  1. The artwork inside the eye of the needle are amazing! I have never seen anything like that before. I think next year I'll need to come out for this art festival!

  2. You definitely have to!! It's such a fun time to be in Miami and all the exhibits were awesome!