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Monday, December 13, 2010

Vizcaya Museum

Although culture isn't normally the first priority when visiting Miami, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are worth a visit if you need a break from the beaches and partying. This Italian style villa was built between 1914 to 1916 as a winter house for an international harvester named James Deering. The estate is any interior decorator or art enthusiast's dream. Vizcaya exudes ornate decor, gorgeous European decorative arts from the 16th to 19th centuries, murals, and fabrics draped throughout the mansion. As you wind up hidden staircases, wander the 3 levels of the home and peruse through the endless bedrooms and stunningly decorated rooms, it is easy to get lost in this maze of culture. The beautiful architecture and vastness of the villa are breathtaking. Vizcaya resides on the edge of the ocean, with a priceless waterfront view. The gardens are just as mind blowing and vast as the interior of the estate. With countless fountains, massive hedge mazes, and outdoor havens made of coral and seashells, it is incredible to think how any one person could fund the building of such a decadent vacation home. I was clearly inspired by my weekend trip to Vizcaya, and have tons of photos to share!

Music Room

I love the wall art and chandelier!

Courtyard in the middle of the villa

Spiral staircase

View of the villa from the tea house

Interior of the tea house on the water

Beautiful architecture!

Boat dock behind villa

Coral wall

Statue of coral and shells

Incredible seashell mosaic on the ceiling of an outdoor coral room

View of Vizcaya from garden

The casino.. made entirely of coral

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