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Monday, December 13, 2010

Key Biscayne

As if Miami isn't tropical enough, we discovered a hidden little piece of paradise this weekend while aimlessly driving around in search of adventure. South of Miami Beach, the beautiful Key Biscayne is accessible via a long and scenic drive over the bridge of the Rickenbacker Causeway. Upon entrance to Key Biscayne, you immediately feel like you've been whisked away to somewhere tropical. A harbor with shacks boasting fresh caught fish snagged our attention and we decided to pull over to see what it was all about. We began talking to nice gentlemen of L & H Sportfishing, who charter boats for fishing trips daily. They shared sashimi of their fresh caught kingfish with us, a delicious white fish that I was delighted to try for the first time. Although we were tempted to buy some of their tasty catches of the day to cook for dinner, they convinced us to continue driving south to the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. We drove on and entered the state park, not knowing what to expect but hoping it was worth the trek. It certainly was! The entrance to the beach was only accessible by long wood covered bridges with giant fluffy cattails and wildflowers overrunning the sand. I expect these sort of picturesque beaches to exist in Cape Cod and the Hamptons, not in South Florida, so I was pleasantly surprised! As we strolled along the beach and saw sunbathers and kayaks for rent, the vague silhouette of a lighthouse could be seen in the distance. We worked up an appetite walking to the lighthouse, and decided to detour to the Boater's Grill restaurant, which offers delicious seafood with a Cuban flair right on the waterfront. Everyone was ordering the whole fried red snapper, the only thing to order there apparently because it is so amazing! We ended our fun adventuresome day enjoying a sangria and watching the sunset reflect on the water of No Name Harbor in front of the restaurant. It was the perfect closure to a fun day!


Fresh catches of the day

This was too funny I couldn't resist...

Cute raccoon we spotted on the way to the beach

Beaches of Cape Florida

The lighthouse

Boater's Grill with amazing seafood and waterfront views

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