JetSet Coco

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miami Antique Market

As obsessed with flea markets as I am, I was relieved to have an extremely pleasant first experience with the Miami antique world. I had heard about Miami's Antique Collectible Market on Lincoln Road and knew that I had to test it out to see if Miami had what it took to keep my vintage shopping hobby afloat. I was blown away at the amount of gorgeous furniture pieces I saw for sale, mainly ranging from the 50's and 60's, but of course with a Miami art deco flare thrown in every now and then. I found the perfect round dining table from the 1960's to put outside on our balcony. With a white lacquered top and stainless steel chic circular base, it's just stunning! There was also designer pieces such as a Philippe Starck chair that I was drooling over, all in perfect condition. Better yet, they have a vast assortment of vintage clothing, my favorite vendor selling all designer Pucci and Lanvin frocks, with retro print designs that could inspire me for weeks! With the sun shining and a warm breeze tossing the scattered palm trees, the Miami Antique Collectible Market is the perfect place to be inspired, vintage shop, and even grab a bite to eat or shop retail on the infamous Lincoln Road. A visit to this flea market is the perfect way to fritter a Sunday away, I just wish it didn't only happen every other weekend!

Philippe Starck chair I fell in love with!

One of many fabulous Pucci dresses

The vintage table I scored at the antique market


  1. I love all the new blog posts, they definitely kept me entertained this morning. We'll have to make sure the weekend I visit we can go to the antique market, it looks so cute! Hope you had fun painting yesterday, love you.

  2. Thanks!! We'll have to go antiquing when you come and get sushi on Lincoln Rd :) Can't wait!