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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Perfect Cup Of Joe

It seems fitting that I would discover something new and amazing about NYC in my last handful of days here. I have been popping into the new 50,000 square foot Italian food megastore and restaurant central Eataly, on 5th Ave and 23rd, as soon as it opened. I love that it reminds me just of being in the Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy. The authenticity of all the Italian products for sale juxtaposed with pizzerias, bakeries, butchers, and restaurants makes Eataly the perfect place to find any Italian ingredient you could dream of, or the quintessential place to grab a tasty meal or glass of wine. This morning, I was in for a surprise when I stopped at Lavazza, the authentic Italian espresso cafe within this Italian haven. My first sip of coffee proved to be the most tasty and smooth coffee I have had since I lived in Italy. I am happy to have discovered the most amazing cup of coffee in the city, but only wish I found it sooner so I could have more days enjoying the perfectly brewed cup of joe. Luckily Lavazza is available for purchase, so I can break in my new espresso machine with some delicious Italian brew in Miami!

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