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Monday, January 17, 2011

Jardin Majorelle

In an energetic city such as Marrakech where the world never seems to skip a beat, it's calming to retreat to the gorgeous Jardin Majorelle for a bit of peace and serenity. The late Yves Saint Laurent used to come to this magnificent garden to seek inspiration for his designs, so when the owner died, Saint Laurent purchased the garden to ensure it would stay as perfectly kept as it had been. The garden is quite possibly one of my favorite sights in Marrakech. The vibrant Majorelle blue that is painted throughout the gardens is so gorgeous that when mixed with the lush cacti and rare vegetation, and bright yellow and orange pots, it's just a breathtaking and inspirational use of color. Yves Saint Laurent's ashes have been spread in this garden, and is now the home of his memorial. This is a simply stunning sight in Marrakech that is not to be missed! Be sure to arrive at the opening time early in the morning to miss the obnoxious onslaught of tourists parading off of their tour buses and inevitably ruining all your pictures!

My sister and I. I ironically match the blue a little too well!

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