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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where To Stay In Marrakech

If you want a luxurious stay in Marrakech, obviously stay at La Mamounia, the swankiest, most posh hotel in the city. However, if you aren't blessed with a seven digit salary, as I am not, you will more likely stay at a riad, a traditional Moroccan home or palace with an open garden in them middle. Marrakech is full of them, and my family and I happened to stay at the Riad Dar Baraka. After arriving from our private villa in Portugal, the concept of a riad seemed more like a hostel and unimpressive. After the initial shock of the simplicity of this place, not to mention the minuscule size of my room, I grew to love this riad. The staff pays immaculate attention to details, from spreading rose petals daily across the bed and bathroom, to happily serving a delicious array of breads, jam and juices for breakfast on the rooftop. It has a Moroccan charm to it, with various sitting rooms and traditional Moroccan architecture and design prevalent throughout. The riad is located in an ally near the souks, so you pass by local food shops and homes and ally cats on the way, but I think it's more interesting to stay off the beaten track. I would highly recommend to stay at Riad Dar Baraka, as long as you take into consideration that you are in a third world country and are certainly not staying at the Four Seasons. It's a great way to get immersed into the culture and remove yourself from the bustle of the tourists.

Riad Dar Baraka at night

My miniature single room

Courtyard of riad

Sitting area


Views from the roof

Ceiling details in the sitting room

Hobbit sized front door to the riad

Allies in front of the riad

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