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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Moroccan Treasures

Pillow hand woven in a Berber village

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to shop! Marrakech is a shopaholic's paradise, with endless souks to meander though all over the city. We couldn't leave our hotel without walking through the souks every day, and much to my satisfaction, I always came back each night with bags full of trinkets and home goods. I was like a crazed person, every day craving something new that I now needed, such as a rug, a mirror, or those leather poufs I have been coveting for some time now. Seeing all the colorful eye candy hanging in the winding street markets is enough to make you drool, or start bargaining since everything seems to be inexpensive in Morocco! I like a good bargain, and as if the conversion rate from dollars to the Moroccan durham wasn't beneficial enough (about 1 US dollar equals 8.5 of theirs), I am a bartering queen. I could drop any price instantly down to a third of the asking price. Nothing satisfies me more than getting a good deal, and speaking French was extremely useful for spitting out numbers to the shop owners. I would recommend anyone brushen up their French, because it got me the best deals, and helped get around the city. Here are some of my new prized possessions from this trip. Thank God I packed insanely lightly or all of this would never have fit back in my suitcase!

Close up detail of hand craftsmanship of pillow

Back view of the above pillow, amazing colors combinations!

I love this embroidery, and of course the color!

They add some pizazz to the couch!

Poufs, both handmade of Moroccan leather

Was it crazy to buy two? Maybe..

Most incredible rug I may have laid eyes on.. handmade by Berbers in Morocco

Close up details of the intricate weaving, and metal sequins sewn in

In love with my new mint tea glasses

Silver mirror purchased at a souk

New beach bag, purchased in the open air spice market

Everyone needs a kaftan from Morocco, and mine had to be hot pink!

Gold hamsa charm to add to my jetset necklace (on far left)

Handmade silver hamsa to hang for good luck

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